Poetry Trauma

communion by Sophie Kamryn

“no” is a prayer to a god
who doesn’t seem to be listening
revolt disguised as communion 
to be filled up is to be torn apart
and to breathe is to succumb
i break this bread and drink this wine 
but there is no love here
so I crawl inside these heavy bones 
where pain has become the marrow

yet, like life, I persist. 
there is a tenderness in the carrying
and a fear in the letting go
the space in between is a sweet nocturne
and it is here that I find a foundation 
in a chorus that whispers “this body is my own”
may it spill into the weight of surviving 
and be my holy sustenance

Sophie Kamryn is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration in clinical practice. When she is not engaging in graduate school activities, you can find her volunteering at the nearest animal rescue center. Her work has been published in Haunted Waters Press and MoonPark Review.