ADHD Poetry

little fishies go swimming in my head by Syl Xing

little fishies little fishies swimming in my head/bite at my nerves and make my eyes go red/ little fishy little fishy nipping at my skull/ the water’s sloshing in and out but I’m just waiting for a lull/ little molly little guppy don’t eat that card/ just sit and watch all the data crumbling into shards/ film colours blurring bright, spread like poison bitter/ every SIM card I try to catch dissolves like glitter/ little fishy little fishy please make the call/ for now you’ve eaten my memories and there’s nothing left at all!

Syl Author Photo

Syl (they/them) is an aromantic writer with ADHD living in Singapore. A fan of fantasy and speculative fiction, they can often be found badgering their friends about social issues, politics, and their latest writing ideas. They have previously been published in the 11th issue of the Cauldron Anthology and are very fond of coffee.