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6 Days Into June Review

6 Days Into June

By V. Genevieve

Independently Published


29 pages

$7.99 Paperback

ISBN: 979-8652719388

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria

“in the dystopian badlands of your past..”

6 Days Into June is a chapbook of free verse and prose poetry with themes of self-worth, struggle, obsession and catharsis. Referencing a traumatic childhood, the reader hears flashbacks, repressed memories and struggles with catharsis, “hunting for ghosts that I can’t shake from my bones.” One hears of regret and a wrestle to encapsulate select memories while noting self encouragement in conflict with “self-hatred and self-destruction.” Deep yearning in the midst of fear of relationships and expectations of failure eventually transmute with the need for healing and processing: “recovery is hard but dying is harder.”