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Bathtub in Flames Review

Bathtub in Flames

By Bailee Noella

New Degree Press


134 pages

$16.99 Paperback

ISBN 13: 978-1636765112

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria

Bathtub in Flames is a poetic journal of recovery from repressed childhood memories, including sexual abuse. Themes also include familial mental illness, alcohol abuse, worth, anxiety and depression – with hints of OCD and existentialism. Impacts of traumas convey loss and emptiness. The reader hears the grips of anxiety spells and recurrent flashbacks – but also a questioning of love and a craving for safety. Significant time is spent in reflections on relationships, some lacking with emotional walls and guarded distance, others infused with affection, love and hope. All of this is entwined with navigation and integration of the inner child and self-acceptance.