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In the Doldrums Review

In the Doldrums

By Dylan Michael

Amazon Kindle Edition


42 pages

$3.99 Kindle 

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria

“I found my atoms in the bluest men”

Referenced as “dark crystals”…”twistedly beautiful” – this work was reportedly written at a time after the poet left home, familiarity, and friendships, shortly prior to the onset of the pandemic. Themes include isolation, severe loneliness, emotional pain, depression and questioning of reality – with an allusion to a history of intergenerational trauma, family disharmony and shame, and lack of emotional release as a child. Self recognized lack of coherence contains mental fragments and entrapment, with hints of bereavement and possible self injury. Self protection shields a fear of loss of abilities and a desperate yearning for connection. Unsustainable “addictive energy” of hate and negativity is followed by the pursuit of inner peace – with empathy expressed to others in a similar plight, “despite it all, you’re not alone.” This work evokes admiration for those with the courage to expose their mental states and deepest vulnerabilities – which may be helpful for others.