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Excerpts from the Abyss Review

Excerpts from the Abyss: Love, Mental Illness and Everything In-Between

By Mariah V.

Createspace Publishing


87 pages 

$4.99 Kindle, $ 7.99 Paperback

ISBN: 978-1700245755

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria

This collection of poetry and prose contains primary themes of mental illness, sexuality, existential reflection and human analysis. Tones include rebelliousness, anger, encouragement, love and grateful relief. The book is divided into three sections reflective of intense weathers.

The first includes sustaining impacts of impressions, including recognition of others’ projections while observing attempts to avoid external intrusions. One can hear a challenging stance to social conditioning and a defiant embrace of authenticity with a craving for life. This is followed by an analysis of the concept of self-love and relationships – with tones of mesmerizing infatuation, angst and denial. Other themes include sexuality, suicidal fantasies, obsessions, references to the void, and the fantasy of devouring the other – with tones of anger, intensity and tenuousness. In the third and final section, expressions of intense gratitude for support resonates with intoxicating love, hope, adoration and gratitude. One can hear intensive self reflection, processing, idealization, and a sense of safety and freedom attained from a sustaining relationship. 

The book takes the reader through a variety of moods and thoughts, and comes across as unrestrained and defiant, yet thoughtful and grateful, with an uncanny ability to capture multiple intricacies of the human mind.