let’s go to the moon by Audrey Bowers

mania demands. & so we do. she’s always so convincing yet quiet enough to make me feel like she isn’t even there. her ideas become mine, what she wants becomes what i want. in the end, i have no one to blame but myself. 

anyways, on the way to the moon, we listen to pop songs. eat junk food. cry a little bit. laugh a little bit. the rest of the universe doesn’t matter, she tells me. i don’t question her. 

we get there and the view is incredible . . . 

until i realize that mania is no longer with me. 

i’m left alone floating — 

amongst stars & craters.

Audrey bowers is a poet & writer from Indiana. They are an MFA candidate at Butler university and the founder of brave voices magazine. you can find them @coffeeforaudrey on twitter.