Book Reviews

Poetic Symbiosis: Surviving Addiction and Mental Illness Review

By Matt Loat and Docrobin

Takahe Publishing Ltd


96 pages

$9.75 Paperback

ISBN: 978-1908837158

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria.

This book shares perspectives from the U.K – witty and entertaining, yet serious and informative – an anthology by two individuals with differing backgrounds, educational levels and mental health issues. The first section may compel the reader to guess as to who wrote which – while the second half explores the relationship between addiction and mental health. 
With numerous aspects, the range encompasses memories and emotions – as well as experiences, warnings and advice. The costs of addiction are artfully conveyed, while recognizing the path to recovery as potentially complicated. Noting the futility of labels and shame, the poets emphasize the need to be heard and the value of support. Moments of sarcasm at procedures or institutions raise an important point – what work for some don’t necessarily work for all. Other topics include willpower and faith, musing on masks, and the potential for change. Perhaps most notable is the clever combination of content and style, with eloquence and shrewd humor – yet with a sensitivity that doesn’t exclude the seriousness of substance addiction.