Depression Poetry

Baptisand by Samuel A. Adeyemi

To drown the devil, the girl is lowered into a pool of water. 

When she is pulled out, her hair quickly cascades—a pair of

waterfalls rolling down each shoulder. & as her eyes open, 

she confesses to the priest; Baba, I felt angels sanctify my soul

I begin to wonder the anomaly in my immersion. When the

water touched my body, I swear, it was just water. Even as

the oil drew a crucifix on my skin, no spectre was blazed by

the holy grease. I do not confess this lack. I stay silent as silk. 

Yet all the clergy break into glee, my ears servile to a waste 

of hallelujah. I want to say, it is not healing if nothing alters 

in the plagued, that all the demons they think are dead only 

sleep. Still, I resist vowelling my truth. I know that I am not 

permeable to miracle, but I must keep on following the lie; 

that I am void of the spirits persecuting my peace. Or is this 

not what our elders preach? Brethren, do not be deceived—

depression is but a spirit of Satan. Why then will it surprise 

me, that when I ask my people for therapy, I awaken before

the feet of an exorcist?

Samuel A. Adeyemi is a young writer from Nigeria. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Palette Poetry, Frontier Poetry, 580 Split, Blue Marble Review, Leavings Lit Mag, Kissing Dynamite, The Shore, Jalada, and elsewhere. When he is not writing, he enjoys watching anime and listening to a variety of music. You may reach him on Twitter and Instagram @samuelpoetry