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A Poem by Crystal Stone and Book Review of All the Places I Wish I Died

“Pennsylvania Prolonged (After Barton Smock)” by Crystal Stone

The sun has a tantrum, throws
shade & the clouds are just dirty

laundry in the room of the sky.
Lock eyes with the lingering

blue. Watch how the unforgiving
trees never face the sun.

God is only a wind-thrown
punch, downed red pills

in the sunset’s open mouth.
If it could speak, the sun would

stay silent, fade–make
way for the moon.

All the Places I Wish I Died By Crystal Stone

Publisher: CLASH Books


116 pages

$14.95. Paperback.

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria.

“..and everywhere is     

a place I feel I’ve never been..”

This chapbook conveys a collection of poems that translate as thoughts and re/experiences characterized by parallels drawn from fragmentations – connected by a thin thread at times (or not). Occasionally sexually frank, themes include isolation, reminiscent reflection and detachment, characterized by numbness and various other mental states. The reader may hear/feel the intrusion of personal trauma in the midst of chaos – with the poets observations and reflections linked to flashbacks, fragmentation and entrapment. One can hear fantasy, musings, and self revelations – with frequent associations, flight of ideas and unknown trajectories. It translates as a courageous communication – and life as an evolving poem.