Anxiety Poetry

Sometimes, at Work by J. L. Herndon

Anxious, me?
Full-throated performative
, a little loud maybe,
awkward, but the idea just…
just seems so silly

Let me tell it, I’m a leaf
cascading down a lazy river
then basking in the sun
on a sandy bank

At most, a mallard moving
with grace and poise through
the water, working a bit harder
than you might expect
just under the surface

J.L. Herndon (he/him) is an author of speculative fiction and poetry. All his characters are Black unless otherwise noted. A psychologist by training, he is fascinated by people, families, and their relationships. His work appears in Star*Line Magazine, Inkwell Black, and Visual Verse. Originally from Texas, he now resides in Greensboro, NC with his wife and dog. You can find him lurking on Twitter @jl_herndon.