Depression Poetry

Bilateral ECT by Amy Parker

on each side               one on each temple
an electrode stuck         the pads itched
the shrink                 waiting for anesthesia
asked me if I was          ready
comfortable, tired         I heard him
from the beginning         in a past lifetime
my IV stung me             my hand burned
I floated                  on the ceiling
I saw fluorescent auras    beyond the doctor’s thoughts
burst into flames          clouds of smoke formed halos
the nurses                 without winking
whispered about            the other patients
drugs that                 give people nightmares
scream through veins       fantasize about
everything but sex         life in grayscale
makes you yearn for        icepick lobotomies
neon tranquilizers         are now in neutral colors
after shock                I can’t remember
they tease us with         our dreams
modern medicine            will fix what ails us. 

Amy Suzanne Parker is a PhD student in Binghamton University’s English and Creative Writing program. Her work is forthcoming in DIAGRAM and has appeared in Pithead Chapel, Hobart, Entropy, The Mighty, Witch Craft Magazine, Burrow Press Review, and elsewhere. Originally from the Tampa Bay Area, she loves a good storm.