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The Things I Didn’t Say In Therapy Review

By Logan Duane

Independently published


142 pages

$9 Paperback

ISBN-13 : 979-8665043227

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria

“How are you feeling today?” she asked from the cozy chair across the room. With dead, lifeless eyes holding back the animal inside of me I said I’m great.

This chapbook contains themes of grief, abuse, pain, love and recovery. With an impressive ability to draw the reader in, one can hear riveting expressions of grief, pain, and hopelessness – including suicidal yearnings at one point. The reader also hears boundary violations, abuse and violence, as well as fear. With abandonment and helplessness, gut wrenching anger, pain and rage transpire, as well as the craving for freedom. 
The journey progresses to embrace the warmth of love and safety – the reader hears her bask in the intoxicating bliss of new love as elevated self esteem emerges. The road to recovery continues with poems adressed to the abuser – one hears resolve, strength and defiant empowerment, despite some uncertainty as she questions why it’s so hard to let go. Self acceptance evolves with a letter of reassurance – eventually the chapbook concludes with a powerful note ‘lessons learned in therapy’. These poems contain an artful blend of raw, frank communication with emotive words. Given the prevalence of abuse and assault, this may be especially appreciated by those who have endured similar traumas or experience.