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Reflections Review

By Faith Foley

Legacy Book Press LLC


115 pages

$12.99 paperback

ISBN: 978-1-7347986-2-3

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria.

“i prefer when it’s cold, so i don’t have to feel

This book offers more than reflections – it carries the reader into the depths of the poets despair, dilemmas, and conflict – while observing moments of precocious insight. Themes include maternal abandonment, trauma, heartache, and mental illness.

Pain, helplessness, and defiance predominate – with visceral descriptions of angst and emotions. Depression and confusion are punctuated with torment, self protection, and a desperate struggle to be loved for the true self.

The reader can sense the deep vulnerabilities, anxieties and trepidations – countered with other expressions of states and feelings – including resignation, yearning, and irony. Conflicted rejection of deceptions contain hardened insight. Authored by a youth – the messages convey a combination of talent and complexity.