Poetry Trauma

Trail by Gina Tron

A man, common, an everyman
asks me as I walk on a deserted trail
during a global pandemic
if I wanted to go to
the most secluded spot of the mountain top
to put my mouth on something that his mouth has touched

I never wander up the hill again
he probably wouldn’t have raped me
but that’s a mountain of a probably
maybe, more like it
I’m scared of getting raped again
but I could handle the rape
I can dissociate from that
I cannot handle
being disappointed by the people I love, again
because I love them
and would like to continue doing so.

Gina Tron is the author of six books, two forthcoming. Most recently, her first book of poetry ‘Star 67’ was published with Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. It contains a poem that has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Ploughshares called the book ‘an act of resistance.’ A memoir manuscript she wrote won Tarpaulin Sky Press’s 2020 book award. She tries to write a poem a day; it helps her feel alive. She loves the poet Ai. Her poems have been published here, in Green Mountains Review, as well as Entropy, Tupelo Press and Junto Magazine.