Anxiety Poetry

The Kaleidoscope Says to My Anxiety by Lexi Locket

Unload your thoughts to me
and I will teach you all about reframing.

How a single turn of a memory
can create a whole new picture using all the same colors.

When you freeze with panic sure that your message
will again remain forever unread, I will remind

you to remove the lens of the past
so you can see the blood is not running red,

it is merely the flowers from your new love blooming.
Here, in the present, life is still going.

The tricky thing about the truth
is it can be refracted in so many ways.

The past one of many facets always trying to come into view,
but if you just keep moving I will remind you of what is yet to be seen.

So used to only reflecting on your fears,
I will bring the present back into focus,

make sure every angle is witnessed,
allowing you to see all the possibilities within them.

Lexi Locket is a creative in Phoenix, AZ. She enjoys the art of storytelling through poetry, prose, music, and performance art. When not creating, Lexi works as a music therapist in the mental health field. Lexi also enjoys playing roller derby, spending time with her family and friends, and raising her fur babies. She self-published her first chapbook, ‘The After Life’, in the fall of 2019, and has been featured in Tealight Press and has work forthcoming in the All Female Menu Zine. She can be found on Twitter @punkiepie394 and on Instagram @poetrywithlexi