Poetry Schizophrenia

the pills are running out by M L Woldman

doc only gave me enough for 2 weeks
and it’s been 1 1/2 weeks and every time I try to cut back
the horror comes like an old friend who’s gotten sober
and isn’t any fun anymore and wants to tell you
about how great it is to be like him and wane in the moonlight
to the dusted rhythms of Kid Rock anthems

and the horror is also not that

and the horror is also a moldering dinner plate
left in your bedroom for weeks
and the smell encompasses but you can’t find it

and the horror is also not that

and the horror is being simultaneously
terrified of and addicted to facebook

and the horror is also the partner
that treats you like shit but the sex is great
so you keep them around

the horror is cigarette burns in the sheets
it is hunger and no hunger it is a crushing humble
it is the feel of bathroom floor tiles on the cheek
it is a human machine shutting down

M L Woldman is living with schizoaffective disorder, PTSD, and tourette’s syndrome. He is the founder of Austin Poets’ Union and, predictably, lives in Austin, Texas.