Depression Poetry

Mashed by Helen Bowie

Sprawled across the sofa, reaching for the remote
Side effects may include nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite
SSRIs may take two weeks, there is no instant gratification
To be found at the bottom of a bag of potato smileys
Potato frownies – for when you don’t want to grow up
but also you aren’t happy.

The oven timer rings out
Like a round of applause
For doing the self care of
Eating something today

The smileys look up from the plate, calm
A contagious contentment the warm embrace
of a familiar face. In your head you hear
Your mother’s voice “potatoes have got
everything you need for life” Carbo-loaded self-care
Reaching for the remote, sprawled across the sofa

Helen Bowie is a poet, performer and podcaster based in London, UK. She has a day job at a charity, one cat, and several bafflingly strong opinions about highly trivial matters. Some of her recent work has featured at Neuro Logical Literary Magazine, Beir Bua Journal and Daily Drunk mag, among others. You can find her wasting time on twitter @helensulis