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The Edge of Choice Review

The Edge of Choice

By Ludwig von Bewusstsein

Independently Published 2019

131 pages

$ 7.37 paperback


Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria.

“Connect with yourself, let yourself share               

it is our burdened gift to bare               

our potential               

if we so dare”

The Edge of Choice is a collection of poems with a focus on mental states, suffering, observation and inquiry. Themes include depression, suicide, addiction, existentialism, and human behavior. Others include various observations of the self – judgement, validation, ambivalence, determination, assertion – and of being unheard, unappreciated or misunderstood. With interesting formats – emotions and reflections are conveyed with occasional rhymes, and frequent multi-layered philosophical depths. The environment can be felt, as well as the context, which often include nature in conjunction with mental states. Some poems can occasionally leave the reader wondering. The book concludes with themes including acceptance, transformation, and recognition of wisdom through suffering.