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Memories of Psychosis Review

Memories of Psychosis: Poems on the Mental Distress Experience By Neesa Sunar, 2019

124 pages

$ 12.99 Paperback

ISBN 978-1710719390

“..I’ve learned that those who seek are never lost, because curiosity is a light unto itself ”

This collection is a communication of suffering, existential struggle, yearning and hope. Themes include trauma, anguish, sexism, domestic violence and self esteem. Verses resonate with defiance, anger, pride and longing – yet also with fearlessness and astute insight. The reader can observe psychosis at times, sense the struggle and confusion, and paradoxically elsewhere, the clarity and spiritual awareness. 

Mental illness expressed in poetry carries tremendous weight. It allows us to feel and validate the plight of human suffering which can facilitate empathy and deepen compassion. It can also challenge assumptions and illuminate various aspects of ones life. It’s an example of art as a mechanism to enrich psychotherapy and the process of healing – which can facilitate a better understanding of the heart and soul beyond a diagnosis. It’s often used as a safe haven as part of the recovery process for those with chronic illness.

Book Review by Kavita Khajuria.