Insomnia Poetry

night reading mode by Cynthia Arrieu-King

she gestures toward a pink cloud inside digital forest wallpaper and says:

this is my cloud. it contains all my data


uncle moon sees the white screen in my glasses

and he kicks on night reading mode–


everything white turns black, saves energy, and the print turns white.

small van icon moving alongside the round white switch


happening inside the diaphanous

the radical / frieze of clouds


a conscience / collective unconscious / collective

it stirs smaller, repeats its circuit ceaselessly

disconnects from variation

disconnects from vary

A polar bear walking backwards through a door repeatedly


gets rid of “I” and moves branches

sighs along the crunch

the ball dropped to the street doesn’t bounce

a dead path, footsteps stopped mid-stairs, an immovable string on a guitar

Cynthia Arrieu-King teaches creative writing, literature, and general studies. Her poetry books include People are Tiny in Paintings of China, Manifest, and Futureless Languages. Her poetry book Continuity is forthcoming from Octopus Books and her book of experimental memoir The Betweens is forthcoming from Noemi in 2021.