Anxiety Poetry

You Suffer With Me and Premature Emergency by Rami Obeid


One human body suffering

Two amphetamines to wake up

Three am alarm clock

Four am shower

Five o clock the bus leaves

Six days before the weekend

Seven hours before I can leave

Eight dollar lunch

Nine minutes to wait for it to start

Ten minutes before it’s over

Nine times I asked what bus is this

Eight buses at the station

Seven trains at the station

Six ways it can go

Five minutes before my bus leaves

Four minutes stuck in traffic

Three minute walk home

Two benzos to sleep

One human body suffering





His bones are on


Take heed

To my words

I say

His bones are on



Ashtray knees,

Fortify his ground

And when that isn’t enough,

He calls in his superiors:


Expired orange juice, cheap cigarettes, drug overdoses,

loud neighbors, dusty water, and abscessed teeth


These things,

Made a man out of him

And killed his boy,

In the process


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Rami Obeid is a poet from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.