Poetry Self-Harm

Let Me Live by Adibe Nnanyelugo

Find a reason to stay
To live
Tell yourself something
“I stay because I have not seen snow
I do not want to die in this land of rain and dust”
“I stay because me leaving, would hurt the ones I love”
Be stubborn like a bull
Full of pride
Turn the toxicity of that lowest point of depression
Into a fucking exotic weed and get high
Grab the grim reaper by his cloak,
Stare him in the eye and scream:
“I’ll stay because I can
I’ll stay because I fucking can!
And you will let me live
Will let me live”


Adibe Nnanyelugo is a Nigerian poet and freelance editor who is usually inspired during bouts of melancholy. He is many things and yet nothing, a wanderer seeking to find balance in life, and can be found on twitter @adibennanyelugo and instagram @adibe_nnanyelugo